What is an above average income?

What is an above average income?

Because it's not a transparent topic in the workplace, here's a quick reckoner to help identify where you sit on the national income scale. 

The following information is my analysis of data available on the ABS website, based on the 2016 survey of employee earnings. The numbers represent the Australian national average, so it's important to be aware that there are significant variances by State - for example, there's a difference of $420pw between ACT and TAS average weekly full-time earnings. Also, this excludes income from people who identify as self-employed.


Median average $1,398pw ($72,696pa)

Below average <$1,038 pw (<$53,976pa)

Above average >$1,923pw (>$99,996pa)

Average weekly earnings is $1,624pw ($84,448pa)


The reason for the average weekly earning being much higher than the median average is there is a significant leap between the 80th and 90th percentile in earnings (+$500pw), whereas differences in lower percentiles are -$230. 

Earnings peak between ages 35 and 54 (43% of working population) – which makes sense in regards to professional experience and managerial roles.

Full-time Male average weekly earning is $1,727, while female average weekly earning is $1,456, which of course makes no sense – except to represent gender discrimination in salary, and gender discrimination in executive positions.

This post draws on information provided by the ABS, here

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