A Truth About Career Management


A fundamental truth about career management is that if you want to effect a positive change, you'll have a sense what you want from your next role, a direction.

That's not to say you’ll necessarily know specifics, but focusing on your expectations will support you to build a positive momentum. These expectations can include factors like work environment, income, geography, leadership style etc.

A common trap people can fall into is focusing on the things they don't want in their next job. Personally, I think its a major contributor to people feeling stuck, and not moving forward in their careers.

Consider the following two approaches:

Approach One:

I'm not sure what I want to do, but I'm clear on what I don't want:

  • I don't want to report to a micromanager

  • I don't want to work in the city

  • I don't want to work in a noisy environment

  • I don't want to be underpaid

  • I don't want to do stakeholder management

Approach Two:

In my next role, I’m looking for opportunities where:

  • the leadership is trusting and supportive

  • the location is 30 minutes from home and easily accessible by train

  • the work environment is calm and professional

  • the salary is competitive for the responsibilities I perform

  • there are opportunities for me to work on my own

Knowing the precise details of what your next role looks like can be challenging, sometimes impossible to nail. However, identifying the conditions that contribute to you feeling work-happy or work-meaningful will constructively impact your approach to research and communication of your next steps.

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