All in Career Management

Career goals guide us on what we need to focus on right now to achieve a larger purpose. Goals offer a sense of control and support us to prioritise current activities, as well as signal what needs to be in place to manage future steps. 

However, to succeed, it's necessary that what we identify as a 'goal' is something that we genuinely want (or need) to accomplish. If we don't connect with our goals - say, because they reflect someone else's desire or a whim - then the essential ingredient of achievement, that is self-motivation, won't show up. 

Career Management is thinking about your career as a long-term activity that you intend to maintain control over. It includes a plan to achieve ambitions such as position, functional specialisation, financial reward, or the desire to gain purpose and meaning in your work. Direction, activities and progress are regularly reviewed.

As an activity, career management is not dissimilar to approach we might take to manage our financial affairs, physical health and wellbeing, household or family goals. That is, we establish an expectation about our future condition, build and then act on a pathway to achieve it, consistently reviewing progress.