Don't Stop Us Now

I’m a BIG podcast consumer - it's how I get much of my news on current affairs and culture as well as new thinking and inspiration that influences my work. 

Over the last couple of years I’ve drifted towards female duo presenters - listening to relatable woman discuss ideas, interview interesting people who challenge and entertain me with new perspectives is fun. These are my current two female co-host podcasts:

  • Chat 10, Looks 3 (Anabelle Crabbe/Leigh Sales)
  • Bang On (Myf Warhurst/Zan Rowe)
  • By the Book (Jolenta Greenberg/Kristen Meinzer)
  • Call Your Girlfriend (Ann Friedman/Aminatou Sow)
  • The High Low (Dolly Alderton/Pandora Sykes)
  • Don’t Shoot the Messenger (Caroline Wilson/Corrie Perkin)
  • The Party Room (Fran Kelly/Patricia Karvelis)

Anyway, all of this is just an introduction to an exciting new podcast:

Don't Stop Us Now (Claire Hatton/Greta Thomas)

The hosts and guests may not be well-known to you, but they are women of considerable heft and influence within their industries, markets and professions. 

Individually, co-hosts Claire and Greta each have a world of interesting going on - witnessed through their careers, travels, relationships, education, enthusiasms; they totally embody the ‘go for it’ vibe. These experiences, along with their genuine curiousity and interest in their subject, makes them great interviewers.

Through their careers, C&G are networked into a global web of fascinating, aware woman who are prepared to open up on their careers.  Most interesting for me is hearing what they bring to their workplace, what's contributed to their success and what know think matters. 

The hosts of this podcast are far more interested in their guests, and their guests' ideas (rather than themselves) which makes for a refreshing change. As you'll recognise, I'm really excited about the new thinking, insights and openness on Don't Stop Us Now, and obvs encourage that you also give it a listen.

After you listen, please let us know what you think - also I'm always keen to hear recommendations for career-related podcasts, so please let me know programs that inspire you.


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