Find your mission

This video from School of Life inspires me! 

I'm in the throes of transforming myself from someone who is broadly curious, exploring many enthusiasms -  to a person whose recognised time is finite, and to achieve what's important requires a certain focus. 

I'm also of the view that when you decide where to place your attention, the world opens up and provides you with signposts - it feels like this video was created just for me. 

Watch this short (4'18") video, and I suspect you'll hear something that is especially relevant to you. Here are some of my takeouts.

  • A mission requires that we adopt a seriousness about our life, reduce what we care about to a few things, that we have the skills and interest to focus and act on
  • A mission isn't grand, it's precise - and requires us to throw any sense of 'inner serfdom' and replace it with an active determination to work on the purpose of our lives. 
  • A mission centres around what others need, about helping other people
  • Having a mission minimises the risk of being derailed into someone else's plan

My mission is to help people move towards careers that offer purpose and meaning, as well as a level of security.

What is your mission?

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