Privacy Policy

I’m committed to respecting your digital privacy, and this policy intends to explain how and why I collect your data, and what I do with it.

Why I gather your information
To share information, via my monthly newsletter; and to inform you, via email, of upcoming career workshop events that I’m facilitating in your geographical area.

When you access this website, I collect traffic information from Squarespace (the platform my site sits on) and Google Analytics. Cookies are used to provide statistical information such as whether you’re a new or returning visitor; how you found my site; pages opened; how long you browsed; and from which country. It also captures IP address, browser and type of device (eg mobile or desktop) used to access the site.

If you sign up for my newsletter, I track your engagement with my newsletter, through MailChimp. To register, I’ll capture your name, email and location. MailChimp reports allow me to identify opening rates, including whether you, as individual subscribers have opened a newsletter mailout and from what device (eg mobile or desktop).

If you send me an email unless you are explicitly indicating you want to receive future mailings, I do not store your information on a database; however, your email may sit in my Gmail account.

If you volunteer information which I think might interest to my audience; I will ask you if I can use your name to share question or insight - if you refuse, I won’t publish identifiable information, but may still seek to use the setup anonymously.

I store your information until you unsubscribe. Any individual mailing I send to you will always have an ‘opt out’ option.

I do not collect any financial information on this website.

Other than what I have advised about Squarespace, Google Analytics and MailChimp, I do not sell or share your data with a third party.

If you have any questions about this policy, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Updated 25 May 2018

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