Sydney Based Recruiters

Here's a list of Sydney based recruiters, which I'll update semi-regularly.

Previously, I've shared advice on how working with recruiters, but here's a brief reminder of what you need to know:

Research the recruiter  |  Keep it professional  |  Manage your expectations

Don't waste your time and precious emotional energy blanketing the recruitment fraternity with your resume. Instead, research recruitment groups by looking at their advertised roles (Website, LinkedIn, Seek). If they're a match for the industry/functions you're after, and your experience is a reasonable fit for what they're looking for, then directly introduce yourself to the recruiter (phone or email) off the back of a position they're currently advertising.

It's highly probably they'll screen you (by phone or email) to ensure you're someone they might potentially work with. Ensure your resume and LinkedIn profiles are current and include experience relevant to the role/function that you're interested in (either transferrable skills or direct experience).

Importantly, be honest and manage your expectations. Discipline yourself to self-manage your job search activity and don't become dependant on one recruiter for one role. The number one complaint about recruiters is that they're not always prompt in returning calls. On the other hand, a common complaint from recruiters is about people applying for roles for which they're not clearly suitable and hoping/expecting the recruiter to recognise their potential and create the fit.

In the meantime, I'm really interested to hear about recruiters people have worked - so please drop me a note here if you'd like to recommend a recruiter.

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