The Salary Question

A couple of weeks back I wrote about working with recruiters. I subsequently realised the need to share more information on the salary question.

The following is more opinion than advice - but still, think about it.

I'm not keen on candidates sharing their current salary information with recruiters and potential employers unless a compelling reason is provided as to why it's needed. An exception might be if you're in a bonus or commision-heavy environment; or if they're prepared to be transparent about they anticipate paying the successful candidate.

Otherwise, sharing your current (honest) salary information may influence final salary offer, or impact perceptions about your responsibilities, or discount you from being considered or reduce your ability to negotiate. It's a tough ask to stand firm (and I totally understand we all weaken) but remember recruiters are very comfortable asking for this info because they ask it all the time. You are not comfortable being asked because culturally, it's a rude question; but also you know that you're giving up some of your power. Instead, talk about salary expectations, which is relevant, but on the question of providing current salary details, try to deflect unless they provide you with a reasonable need for the information.

Update 3 June 2018 - Saw this challenge to employers not to ask the salary question
Update 11 March 2018 - Saw this link on answering the salary expectation question - it's good

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