Watching a Champion Win

I have zero interest in golf, BUT I’m always aware of Tiger Woods.

A black champion winning big in an overwhelmingly white sport, a consistent winner who doesn’t choke - his persona doesn’t project a lot of charm or charisma, but equally he doesn’t come across as flashy or needy. Intense with a rare big open smile.

My favourite Tiger story was that he left the golf circuit for an extended period to change one of his strokes. It was his all in commitment that inspired me - that at enormous professional risk he chose transformation over iterative improvement. Backing himself, working with experts, doing the work and allowing them to do theirs - he returned and success resumed.

Then came the fall - the physical and emotional nose-dive - he has taken himself to hell and back. It’s for the people he hurt to forgive him, but watching the warmth of his family’s embraces, all seems OK there.

When he won the Masters, he had climbed his mountain - you could feel that he wasn’t thinking of other mountains, he just surrendered to the achievement of that moment! I am in awe of Tiger’s self-belief and determination - watching a champion win!

Here’s my favourite link of Tiger winning, reacting and celebrating (thank you, Ryan Mullican, for your tweet and music) .

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